What is Semiotics?

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  • What is Semiotics?

    • Traditional qual research collects consumer opinions, but semiotics shows you what creates those opinions.
    • Semiotics systematically studies how we create meanings. (It comes from the Greek word for 'signal').
    • ¬≠It analyses the 'signals' of brands and popular culture: words, colours, shapes, symbols, concepts, narratives, logos.
  • Why Use Semiotics?

    You can't understand consumers without understanding the cultures that create them.

    Talking only to consumers has widely-acknowledged shortcomings (see 'Qualscope').

    Semiotics gives a clear rationale for your communications, saving time and money.

  • What We Do:

    We show you how brands, categories and popular culture create meanings for consumers.

    We put you in charge of these meanings.

  • What You Get:

    A deeper understanding of your brand, your competitors and your consumers.

    A 'semiotic toolkit' to make your brand more distinctive and culturally relevant.



"This is excellent work- a great tool for our future strategic thinking."

Emmet Walker, Head of Marketing, Diageo Ireland