We find some wonderful, revealing things when trawling the depths of popular culture...

1970's cultural archetypes still alive and kicking in 2017 ads!


Date: 28/07/2017

Thinking about the body...

undefinedDoing a project for a global healthcare provider, I come across these Crime Scene plasters. Sure, they're fun plasters for kids, but they're equally a powerful sign of how culture teaches us to think about our bodies. It says 'Do not enter'- but a crime scene is a huge magnet for attention, a place to be interested in, to explore. It's not surprising that 1 in 5 of us is now 'inked'- the body is becoming a billboard, a playground.

Date: 15/07/2010


undefined"People want to get back to using their hands, to interact with the real world." is what you'll hear in pretty much any trends presentation these days.

But how about using your hands to interact with the virtual, technological world?

This knitted PC cable brings together interesting ideas around connection: knitting groups as the new version of virtual networks?

Date: 14/07/2010

Counter-culture becomes over-the-counter culture...

undefinedWe've been asked to think about 'the cutting edge' of culture, for a hitherto traditional charity organisation.

As Waterstone's proudly announces its new 'Counter-Culture' section and Banksy nets another six-figure sum for a piece of graffiti, we notice that the cutting-edge seems to be pretty much at the cultural centre of things. Then we saw this limited-edition revoir, l'enfance...


Semiotic shifts: the smiley

A recent project on 'The Smile' (you can guess the category) led us to these cooling towers: it's been a long ride for the Smiley...More evidence of the 'kidulthood' culture?

Date: 7/07/2010


Direct Line

Direct Line

"Rob Thomas was a joy to work with - not only was there loads of great insight , but it was presented in a down-to-earth manner in a very tight timeline. Can I keep him a secret, please?"

Dominic Boyd, Head of Planning, MWO