Frequently Asked Questions

  • Isn't semiotics hard to understand?

    Absolutely not- we pride ourselves in delivering clear, accessible, jargon-free insights that are always actionable.

    Our slides are heavily-illustrated and pithily bullet-pointed.

    We make sure our presentations live up to our name. undefined

  • Can Semiotics work alongside traditional qual research?

    Very much so. Semiotics can shed light on the findings of focus groups and interviews, analysing actual transcripts, 'response boards' or any other qualitative output.

    Practical Semiotics works closely with a number of qualitative researchers, including GfK NOP, TNS-RI, Acacia Avenue, Discovery, Drummond Madell and Razor.


  • What about global brands - how do you deal with international markets?

    As more and more brands go global, semiotics is ideal for finding culturally relevant ways of expressing a core brand value across any number of different markets.

    We work with freelance cultural analysts 'on the ground' in all major markets: Marion in Germany, Scott in Shanghai, Yukiko in Japan, Sylvia in Italy, Ludovic in France...etc. undefined

  • Who else is on the team?

    Practical Semiotics comprises Rob Thomas, Soma Ghosh and Michael Flexer: we are all Oxford University graduates, with formal training in semiotics.

    Pre-Practical Semiotics, our corporate marketing and media experience includes: the BBC, P&G and L'Oreal; and in the research field: Cram, Linguistic Landscapes and Semiotic Solutions.




"Rob Thomas's approach guarantees stimulating new thinking. He has been hugely valuable."

Helen Firth, Chief Planner, Ogilvy