Practical Semiotics

Mastering the hidden depths of brands and popular culture

Traditional qual research collects consumer opinions, but semiotics shows you what creates those opinions in the first place.

Semiotics analyses consumersā€™ popular culture, to reveal the hidden ideas and cues that drive their choices.

We then put you in control of these cues, to really connect your brand with your consumer's world.

Semiotics delivers:

  • The most powerful words, images and concepts for branding, comms, packaging and more
  • A more nuanced, more actionable understanding of your consumers and their world
  • Budget savings: quickly delivers a shortlist of powerful ideas, cuts out wasteful research
  • Strategies to makeĀ­ your global brands authentically local


"We are very positive about this project"

Bert Nijhuis; Global Insight Manager, Unilever